AudYoFlo Platform
Audio and Media Processing for Automotive und Conference

AudYoFlo™ – Audio and Media Processing

AudYoFlo™ - Audio and Media Processing

๏ Software platform for audio (and media) processing/streaming
๏ Platform independent implementation (C/C++)
๏ Easy extension due to clear (component) API
๏ Highly efficient processing architecture
๏ Support for multi-processor architectures (generic threading)

AudYoFlo™ – Processing

๏ Data „flows“ from input to output
๏ Multiple asynchronous data flows
๏ Audio, Media and other Data

AudYoFlo™ - Processing

AudYoFlo™ – Algorithms & Development

Various algorithms available, e.g.,

๏ Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC)
๏ Noise Reduction (NR)
๏ Near-end Listening Enhancement (NELE)
๏ Loudness Control (LC)
๏ Signal Analysis Tools (SA),
๏ Active Noise Control (ANC)
๏ Bandwidth Extension (BE)
๏ Binaural Rendering (BR)
๏ Immersive Rendering (IR)

AudYoFlo™ - Algorithms & Development

Zones of Silence

Produce and emit „Anti-Noise“ to eliminiate
undesired noise signals

๏ Create „Zones of Quiet“
๏ Globally minimize noise in car cabin (targeting acoustic modes)
๏ Derive „Anto-Noise“ from acoustic OR movement sensors

ANC requires low delay input-output system design!!

Zones of Silence

Immersive 3D-audio for Entertainment

Reproduce musical events while in motion

๏ Audio streaming or playback of content
๏ Use existing playback system to create surround sound

• Integrate high-quality streaming endpoint for 360° audio
• Calibrate audio system for naturel 360° audio reproduction
• Allow playback in personalized environment
(e.g. via headphone)

Immersive 3D-audio for Entertainment

Immersive 3D-audio Communication

From audio to next generation telephony

๏ Reproduce 360° audio in conferencing scenario
๏ Allow full duplex communications with highest quality
๏ Integrate full stack communication via IP over heterogenous and variable networks (Multi-channel codec, audio-over-IP, adaptive jitter control, frame-loss concealment)
๏ Enhance signals for a better communication experience (remove noise, adapt loudness, cancel acoustic echoes, increase intelligibility in an environment with background noise)

Immersive 3D-audio for Entertainment