Hybrid Schooling with FlOhrin

Feel naturally close even when you are far away.
Audio Portation – It’s like being there

With FlOhrin, Home-school learning feels natural

Natural communication, effortless understanding, and better learning in digital or hybrid courses.

The immersive 3D-Audio-Communication Solution by binaurics audio for natural closeness in Home Schooling.

FlOhrin brings the classroom home

FlOhrin is the audio-visual avatar who takes part in lessons as a substitute for the students at home. The device uses innovative audio technology to transmit natural communication from the classroom.

Several microphones, loudspeakers and cameras combined with binaurics technology – these are the basics of Natural Audio Portation.

More about Natural Audio Portation

FlOhrin bringt die Lehrer nachhaus zu den Schülern

The perfect solution for hybrid courses

Due of Corona, effective hygiene concepts and solutions for teaching students at home are in demand. With FlOhrin, students can be taught in the classroom and at home at the same time – with almost no restrictions for the digital participants:

A 360-degree audio recording technology transmits the entire acoustics from the classroom to the students at home, complete with spatial perception that lets them know the source of every noise.

The presence of the classroom participants is acoustically felt at home, rather than as superimposed voices on the students’ heads.

Classic lesson with headset and video-camera

Simultaneous speaking cannot be understood and all voices come from one direction

Präsenzunterricht im Klassenraum
Unterricht (klassisch) mit Headset & Video Cam
Schüler zuhause

Lesson with FlOhrin in the classroom

Students and teachers are heard from the direction they are speaking from, making it much better to comprehend what is being taught.

Präsenzunterricht im Klassenraum
Unterricht mit FlOhrin im Klassenraum
Schüler zuhause

Benefits for students

Benefits for teachers

Benefits for students

Social closeness & integration

Immersive audio offers a perfect spatial localization of the original sources of sound: the students experience how the teacher walks through the classroom and the direction from which a classmate is talking. The students at home do not feel left out as they are literally right in the middle of the lesson. Without distractions and frustration, FlOhrin allows the students to find their way around the virtual classroom in an optimal way.

Natural hearing

Spatial hearing allows the brain to work normally and automatically filters out disturbing background noises. This saves unnecessary brain power for the students and increases their attention.

Better understanding

The natural audio transmission with the spatial quality makes the students at home feel as if they were there: they have a better perception, improve their understanding of the learning content, and can take part in lessons digitally without feeling frustrated.

Natural communication

The teachers move freely in the classroom and speak as they are used to without having to wear devices or microphones. The voice and other audible reactions are transmitted from the source, providing the listener with an acoustic 3D spatial impression.

Creating human closeness

FlOhrin transmits a wide variety of sound concentrations. Teachers can also use their voice to play despite the distance. FlOhrin transmits the sound effects to the students in a spatial audio dimension – with an almost more intense effect than on-site.

Achieve learning goals – even with digital lessons

Regardless of whether the students sit in the classroom or take part in distance-learning, FlOhrin creates similar conditions for both groups so they can achieve their learning goals.

Benefits for teachers

It’s more than just listening –
Experience the difference

Children at home hear with Flohrin’s ears as if they were sitting in the middle of the classroom themselves. Experience the difference yourself on our YouTube channel.

For the ideal sound experience, please put on headphones


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Binaurics Audio lässt Sie eintauchen in die reale Audio-Welt.

Binaurics inside
Natural Audio Portation

With our 3D audio recording technology, we create an immersive audio experience, an absolutely natural hearing sensation that enables precise direction recognition. We move the listener acoustically into the room where the sound originated and make the audio almost tangible and emotionally authentic. A whisper in the right ear can move the listener as in real life, even causing goosebumps.

Whether in home schooling, teleconferencing or events: binaurics audio immerses you in the real world of audio.