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We at Binaurics Audio follow the goal: to connect technology with human needs and thus change the way people listen to the world.

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Our team of high qualified PhDs and MScs Scientists cooperate with the IKS of RWTH Aachen with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Jax in charge. The motivation and passion for audio is especially close to the heart of the founders Detlef Wiese and Hauke Krüger. Hearing is an elementary component of human nature and from an evolutionary point of view the most important sense. Regardless, compared to others, the audio sector has been neglected for many years. This has bothered Detlef and Hauke for a long time and now they plan to change this.

We are a bit different and work a bit different because we believe that things should not be made more complicated than they already are. Our love is for simple and intuitive audio products, our love is for Audio Portation.

Detlef Wiese

Detlef Wiese (CEO & founder)

An experienced entrepeneur in audio communications, co-inventor of MPEG audio, founder of MAYAH and Ferncast, he has more than 30 patents to his name and strives to connect people and technology in an intuitive and fun way.

Hauke Krüger

Dr. Hauke Krüger (CTO & founder)

With over 20 years of experience in digital audio signal processing, various international publications and patents, his passion to audio dates back to his early student life when he was a techno music producer.

Detlef Wiese and Hauke Krüger co-operate for more than a decade on a variety of projects. It was a logical consequence to setup this entity together and work on their passion toward industry solutions in 3D audio communications.